A Pay Rise for All - Saturday 18th October, 12 noon, Writers Square, Belfast

30 Sep 2014

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Getting money back into people's pockets is essential to a strong recovery. That's why trade unions are campaigning for action that will start to move the economy in the right direction.
Northern Ireland has the highest number of low paid workers of any UK region. Almost a quarter of NI workers earn below the Living Wage, and that number is increasing.
On 18th October we will be calling for
A Pay Rise for All!
Join us:

Download and forward the leaflet and the poster!

Why are we marching?
- Wages have not kept pace with prices since the 1970's
- Falling wages and growing inequality and poverty hits businesses as well as households
- The worst attack on the living standards of workers for nearly a century
- The super- rich continue to see their incomes soar
What do we want?
- An enforced minimum wage
- Commitment to the living wage
- A crackdown on excessive executive pay and bonuses
- A crackdown on tax dodging, evasion and avoidance