We had to ask... The Assembly Parties respond to six questions from NIC-ICTU

28 Feb 2017


The NI Assembly election takes place on Thursday 2nd March.

In the tradition of trade unions across the globe, NIC-ICTU urges all citizens to use their vote.


To assist the deliberations of voters, NIC-ICTU sent the following short questions to all of the parties with representation in the NI Assembly:

1.Will your party fully support the concept and practice of power sharing as envisaged and outlined in the Good Friday Agreement?

2.Should the UK leaving the EU as proposed by the UK government, will your party in the Assembly support the transposition of progressive EU Directives concerning matters within the competency of the Executive/devolved Assembly, such as employments rights?

3. Will your party support the mitigations around welfare ‘reform’, in particular on matters such as the Bedroom Tax, and do you agree that given the particular circumstances that arise in Northern Ireland, any such welfare ‘reform’ must be implemented differently?

4.Will you support the creation of decent and quality jobs through the development and implementation of an industrial strategy for Northern Ireland taking into account the interests and concerns of the trade union movement and many employers and placing the creation of decent and quality jobs with the skills agenda at the heart of such a strategy?

5.Will your party support the work of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and promote the building of more social housing using the criteria of objective need?

6.Will your party support the full expression of a shared society by supporting the implementation of a Bill of Rights in Northern Ireland?

We are grateful to the parties who took the time to respond to these questions and we republish on this website the full text of their replies. As some respondents chose to answer in varying formats, we are publishing their responses in full on separate pages. Links to their answers are below.

Remember, polls close at 10pm!







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