The Youth Committee in Northern Ireland was reconstituted towards the end of 2005. The
Committee is working in close co-operation with its counterpart in the Republic of Ireland
and is developing a Programme of Work. Part of this Programme is to highlight issues

  • The world of work.
  • The role of trade unions.
  • Young people's rights in work.

Many of these issues were highlighted in this popular leaflet - download and print!
Their website is
and their Facebook page is here.

Below are the current members who sit on the Committee:

Pádraig Mackel (CWU) - Chair
Steven Harvey (Lisburn TC) - Vice-Chair
Mike Hamilton (NIPSA) - Secretary
Ryan Wilson (NIPSA)
Kerry Fleck (B&DTUC)
Caroline Murphy (UCATT)
Donal Liathian (NUJ)
Ashley Dickey (ATL)
Ruairi Creaney (Craigavon TC)
Kieran McCann (IBOA)
Liz Nelson (SIPTU)
Diane Nugent (UTU)
Julie Orr (UTU)
Naomi Carton (Unison)
Patrick Lynn (Unison)
Jamie Fitzgerald (NASUWT)

The Committee meets once a month in Belfast. If you wish to get involved in the NIC.ICTU Youth Committee please contact the NIC.ICTU office.

For training and events continue to check out this page.