Why Join A Union?

Most individuals join a union because they want protection at work. This may be in relation to a variety of issues, but often those of pay and conditions of service, unfair dismissal, redundancy, health and safety etc.

Unions are in the position of being more powerful than their individual members. They have extensive experience in negotiating on behalf of their members on all aspects of employment, working to defend the best interests of each individual employee. Through their work, they ensure that those they represent work in a safe, healthy, fair environment.

In addition to a large number of local representatives, unions also have a number of experienced and professional officials who can give advice, representation and assistance to members - when they need it.

In addition to collective issues many members avail of individual advice and/or representation on a variety of issues.

The key reasons why people choose to join unions are listed below:

  • Personal representation
  • Collective negotiation
  • Job security
  • Professional support
  • Legal advice and assistance
  • Health and safety protection
  • Special offers/discounts
  • Financial services