Scrap Welfare Reform - Why we need to stop the Welfare Reform Bill

2 Oct 2014

Publication cover - 1 Oct 14 ICTU Scrap Welfare reform Cover image for 1 Oct 14 ICTU Scrap Welfare reform

Presentatin from a half day NIC-ICTU seminar held on Wednesday 1 October 2014

Peter Bunting's presentation is HERE, and the accompanying paper is HERE.

Ellen Clifford's presentation is HERE AND Lynn Carvill's is HERE (minus photos to save bandwidth)



The Welfare State is under unprecedented attack with swingeing cuts already hitting the most vulnerable groups across most of the UK.

In Northern Ireland, trade unions and civil society organisations are campaigning to ensure that the Welfare Reform Bill gets scrapped.

This seminar heard from speakers including MPs and Disabled Rights Campaigners who outlined the impact of welfare reform on their constituencies.

Feastured speakers included:

- Maria Morgan, NIC ICTU

- Dave Anderson, MP for Blaydon

- Ellen Clifford, Inclusion London

- John McInally, PCS

- Lynn Carvill, Empty Purse Campaign

- Peter Bunting, ICTU

-Jackie Pollock, Chair NIC-ICTU


Irish Congress of Trade Unions