Trade Unions welcome Loyalist commitment to spirit and principles of Agreement.

9 Apr 2018

The NI Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions welcomed today’s statement, the Loyalist Declaration of Transformation.  The Trade Union movement reiterates its commitment to work with all groups and communities to ensure that none are excluded by political, economic and social progress.  We are supportive of working with all who are ‘working to create a society that is at ease with itself in its diversity and difference’.


ICTU Assistant General Secretary Owen Reidy said: “We acknowledge the vital role that loyalists played in the development and implementation of the Belfast / Good Friday Agreement, and we share their often-expressed concern about social exclusion, be it in educational under-achievement, economic decline, personal security or lack of capacity in working-class communities.


“This statement provides an opportunity for all groups across the community to dedicate themselves to achieving their aims solely through dialogue and persuasion.  We particularly welcome the clear statement of support for the Rule of Law and the rejection of criminality which preys on those working-class communities. We pledge our support for the stated objectives of ‘strong community leadership and positive influence to promote social, economic and political development’.”