NIC-ICTU calls for calm and careful consideration of draft Withdrawal Agreement

16 Nov 2018

Owen Reidy - ICTU

ICTU Assistant General Secretary Owen Reidy commented today:

“The draft Withdrawal Agreement negotiated between the EU and UK government requires careful analysis and consideration by all. It is highly regrettable that during this last year we have not had a devolved government which could have attempted to collectively represent the views of the people of Northern Ireland in this Brexit process. We believe calm and careful consideration needs to be given to the proposal. The decisions the EU 27 heads of state and in particular the MPs in the House of Commons over the next few weeks have the potential to have far reaching consequences for the people of Northern Ireland, the people on the island of Ireland and across these islands.

“It is very regrettable that some, for their own political ends have seen this Brexit process as an opportunity to either call for a border poll or incorrectly claimed that this draft agreement will lead to the demise of the UK. Brexit is a significant and sufficient challenge to Northern Ireland on its own terms without conflating it with the broader and separate constitutional arrangements of Northern Ireland. The trade union movement has consistently respected the legitimacy and integrity of both unionism and nationalism, reflecting the character and composition of our movement.

“The implications of Brexit and in particular of no deal Brexit are so grave that they must be considered on their own terms. To that end the Executive of the ICTU will consider this draft agreement at its meeting in Belfast on Wednesday the 21st November 2018.”