ICTU join forces with over 85 civil society organisations to express grave concerns about no-deal

29 Aug 2019

ICTU have joined forces with over 85 organisations in expressing our grave concerns about the impacts a no-deal Brexit will have on civil society.  Together with organisations from across the devolved nations, as well as a breadth of English regions, we have called on the Prime Minister to urgently engage with our concerns about leaving the EU without a deal on the 31st October [1].

Signatories of the letter have serious concerns about how a no-deal exit will be a direct threat to the peace process in Northern Ireland, regression of rights and standards, the uncertainty of the future, and a lack of adequate engagement and support from the Government.


[1] The letter has been facilitated by the Brexit Civil Society Alliance, a UK wide alliance of charities, voluntary and campaigning organisations, with support from its sister Brexit Civil Society Projects in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Alliance does not take a position on what direction Brexit should take but seeks to raise concerns on behalf of its members and work to ensure that the Brexit process delivers on our three principles: open and accountable lawmaking; a high standards UK; and no governance gap after Brexit.