NIC-ICTU fully supports unions taking action for fair pay, pension justice and decent working conditions

25 Nov 2019


As workers across the NHS and our universities embarked on campaigns of industrial action, the leadership of the trade union movement relayed the backing of workers in all sectors for those on picket lines today.

ICTU Assistant General Secretary Owen Reidy commended university lecturers from the UCU trade union at a strike rally at the gates of Queen’s University Belfast, where lecturers from that institution and Ulster University started eight days of strike action.

“You should know you are not alone”, said Mr Reidy, “because today health workers in Unison are taking industrial action, and very shortly the RCN will, for the first time in their 103-year history, going to take strike action. NIPSA, GMB, the RCM and Unite in the NHS are balloting their members for the same reasons as you. They are saying they have had enough. They are demanding pay justice, they are standing up for their patients just as you are standing up for your students. Always remember that you are not on your own.”

NIC-ICTU is pledged to support all affiliate trade unions and will continue its assistance at various events in the coming weeks.