Initial reaction from NIC-ICTU on governments’ proposals.

10 Jan 2020

Owen Reidy - ICTU

Speaking after a meeting in Stormont between trade unions, business, farmers and the community sector with the five political parties on Thursday evening, ICTU Assistant General Secretary Owen Reidy recognised the positive tone and realistic appreciation of the need to reach compromise displayed by political parties after weeks of negotiation.

“Like civil and political bodies across Northern Ireland, we and our affiliates are presently examing in fine detail the 62 pages of ‘New Decade New Approach’. Obviously the document is not definitive nor exhaustive, but is more a statement of detailed high-level objectives for both a Programme for Government and the day-to-day operation of government. This document is a very significant initiative which requires proper analysis and considered reflection.

“We note that the political parties are engaging in their own internal discussions, we in the trade union movement will discuss the document at next Wednesday’s meeting in Belfast of the ICTU Executive Council, the ruling body for over 800,000 workers across this island, including over 200,000 in Northern Ireland.

“After that meeting, there will be a definitive statement making clear our position on all aspects of this proposal.”