NIC-ICTU on Threats to Staff at Larne and Belfast Ports

2 Feb 2021

Speaking after staff were withdrawn from the Ports of Belfast and Larne after sinister threats from unknown people, ICTU Assistant General Secretary Owen Reidy called for “these threats to be immediately lifted from whoever is making these threats, and for elected representatives to dial down the rhetoric.”

“Since the UK left the EU last month, there has been a litany of over-the-top commentary about an ‘Irish Sea Border’, adding to an atmosphere of fear among people susceptible to hype about ‘an economic United Ireland’. What is happening with the NI Protocol is very far from that assertion.

“The NI Protocol was backed reluctantly by the trade unions across Northern Ireland as the least-worst option and we believe that the structures we have must be seen to operate, otherwise whoever was behind these threats to workers will be rewarded. Trade unions need the Rule of Law to help protect workers and their right to carry out their duties safely.

“We express our unequivocal support for workers at these ports, and call on the PSNI to ensure their safe return to work and for all democratic representatives to be clear with the public about the reality of the new situation under Brexit.”