ICTU statement on attempted murder of PSNI worker

21 Apr 2021

Speaking after the attempted murder of a PSNI worker near Dungiven yesterday, ICTU General Secretary Patricia King said:

“Every trade union on the island of Ireland is appalled and angry at the attempted murder yesterday of a woman and her young family for going about her work. We stand with her.

“A device was planted which was designed to immolate a public servant who has been active in her union NIPSA and whose public duties bolster the peace process through the administration of justice for all in society. This is an attack on all of us who voted for the Belfast Agreement and who have advocated since for its full implementation.

“Today, this support for the peace process and its servants was reiterated by every union attending the ICTU Executive Council at its monthly meeting.”

ICTU Assistant General Secretary Owen Reidy added:
“We have a question for anyone who supports in any way the tactics or mindset which planted a potential fireball aimed at a working mother and her young daughter. What did this woman or her child do to deserve being burnt alive? How does that advance any cause? This is the misogyny of an easy target and needs to be called out.

“There is also the cynical sectarianism of riding on the back of a wave of protests and harsh words from our politicians at Stormont. These are actions devised to divide and segregate in the name of unity, and of murdering young families in the name of a New Ireland.

“Over 80 PSNI officers have been injured in recent weeks, and threats levelled at bus workers and journalists. Everyone has a duty to make clear their support for the institutions we supported in 1998 and since, and exclude those who attack the foundations for a just and peaceful society.”