ULR Training

ULR Training- Get the skills for the job!

ULR Stage 1

This course is designed for union representatives who are new to representing members on learning and introduces the role of the ULR, the importance of learning and skills at work and provides the tools and knowledge that will enable ULRs to carry out their role successfully.
The course will help you: 

  • understand union structures, and how your union organises around learning 
  • build a broad perspective of the ULR role 
  • find out about developments in learning and appreciate issues affecting learning 
  • work with members and other reps to define priorities 
  • take a planned approach to your own and members’ development 
  • develop the skills of putting the union case on learning

Your training and development does not have to end when you complete the initial 5 day ULR training. ICTU offers a second stage ULR course designed to help you continue to build on your knowledge and skills, or specialise in a particular area that may interest you.

ULR Stage 2

This course will help you: 

  • take stock of your development and identify aspects for further work 
  • choose and carry out a small project to develop learning relevant to your union and workplace role 
  • look at how your role links with wider union and organising strategies 
  • explore and develop an equalities approach to working on learning, particularly in supporting learners 
  • build knowledge and skills on specific aspects of learning of interest to ULRs in the context of your union and workplace 
  • review your learning progress, look forward and plan your next steps

ULR training and development is a continuous process. ICTU Education provides a range of short courses for ULRs to develop specific skills and knowledge. The ICTU Union Learning Fund will continue to provide opportunities for ULRs to attend workshop and seminars updating you on the latest developments in learning and to help you develop your skills. Individual unions also provide their own follow-on courses and development modules.

For further information on these courses or any others and how to apply, click here.