Staff are immediate priority says Hospitality Ulster and ICTU as serious impacts mount on hospitality sector

16 Mar 2020

Owen Brexit 1

In a joint statement today, Hospitality Ulster and ICTU have urgently called on government to bring forward an urgent package of measures to assist staff in the hospitality sector as serious impacts mount with the spread of COVID19   The call comes as the hospitality sector has been hit first and will be hit the hardest in light of COVID19.   Both organisations have expressed extreme levels of worry about how staff will survive.   

In a joint statement today, Hospitality Ulster and ICTU said:   “We are now in unprecedented times and the impact of COVID19 on staff in the hospitality sector will be devastating. This is now time for exceptional measures to be implemented.”  

“We are about to see the jobs and livelihoods of many in the hospitality sector go to the wall. We need our elected representatives to move fast to support our people.”   

“The hospitality sector is being hit first; will be hit the hardest; and may not recover at all, if Government does not act now.”  

“Government needs to ensure that funding is put in place immediately so that our people can put food on the table. This is a real and present issue and we only have hours if not days to sort.”  

“Both organisations are at one in wanting to ensure that the staff in the sector are protected and can survive through this very difficult period. We need business organisations, Unions and government to come together and get around the table and find solutions very quickly.”  

“Other countries around the world have taken measures to support staff in various sectors and we must do the same here.”